Monday 10 October 2022

What is your Gray Rhino?

What is Gray Rhino?
Gray Rhino is a highly probable, high impact yet all too often neglected threat.  It is not random surprises, but occur after a series of warnings and visible evidence.  This is a metaphor for the threats that we can see and acknowledge yet do nothing about.  
As the animal name goes, this huge animal creep in slowly into our life, so big that you can see but choose to ignore, and create a huge impact, later. 

What is your Gray Rhino?

Everyone has at least 1 Gray Rhino in their lives.  Let see how many Yes you have from below.
 Inflation - cost of living and taxes
❑ Job Volatility - demanding job, poor welfare, job securities
❑ Surviving from paycheck to paycheck
❑ Rising expenses & depleting in savings
❑ Social Mobility - caught in the middle or low class
❑ Losing control of life - unable to plan your own family time, leave, holidays 
 Availability - inflexibility to care for elderly and young children 
 Work life balance - no quality time for family
❑ Health - physical and emotional unhealthy
❑ Retirement fund - real value getting smaller, uncertainty and insecurities of retirement

If you have more than 5 Yes to the above known threats and is currently having no solution to them, reach out to us in how to build an Anti Fragile Life.

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