Tuesday 11 October 2022

What is my Gray Rhino?

What is my Gray Rhino?

I am very blessed that more than 9 years ago when the Gray Rhino metaphor was uncommonly heard, i have already identified my Gray Rhino and embark on an Excellence Lifestyle Coach career to mitigate my risks from happening not just in my family but also in my friends' communities.

Gray Rhino is a highly probable, high impact yet all too often neglected threat.  It is not random surprises, but occur after a series of warnings and visible evidence.  This is a metaphor for the threats that we can see and acknowledge yet do nothing about.  
As the animal name goes, this huge animal creep in slowly into our life, so big that you can see but choose to ignore, and create a huge impact, later. 

What are the common Gray Rhino?

Everyone has at least 1 Gray Rhino in their lives.  Let see how many Yes you have from below.
 Inflation - cost of living and taxes
❑ Job Volatility - demanding job, poor welfare, job securities
❑ Surviving from paycheck to paycheck
❑ Rising expenses & depleting in savings
❑ Social Mobility - caught in the middle or low class
❑ Losing control of life - unable to plan your own family time, leave, holidays 
 Availability - inflexibility to care for elderly and young children 
 Work life balance - no quality time for family
❑ Health - physical and emotional unhealthy
❑ Retirement fund - real value getting smaller, uncertainty and insecurities of retirement

Like many of you, i face many of these Gray Rhino too!

How do i mitigate my risks?

Before i start this career, i was an ACCA accounting graduate turned to a stay home mum.  Sacrificing my career and income were the best things i thought i could give to my kids and i felt it was totally worth it to see them grow as kids only grow once right and we do not want to miss it!

Shortly, the discomfort of having to take money from hubby and lost of financial freedom crept in as well as the fear of my retirement fund for myself.  I feel that as a woman, i need to have my source of income to stay independent and also a sense of worthiness as a human being.

In 2013, Alyssa, my eldest daughter was admitted to hospital (see story), it was my turning point.
Is my family getting healthier in my care?  Am i happy with the result?  Am i gaining my financial independence and achieving my purpose in life by being a dedicate stay home mum?  No, No, No!!!

That was the juncture i told myself i had to break the viscous cycle!  I had enough.
I was tired from caring of sick kids days and sleepless nights, haggard, not happy and poor in my pocket and mind and soul and feeling frustrated with every single thing that was happening.

After i embark on my Excellence Lifestyle Coach career, everything transformed.
Honestly, it was really tough mentally,  physically and emotionally as i had to learn to manage my time, delegate some mother duties to others, separation anxiety with my toddlers and steep learning curve to master the business an so on.

Fast forward, behind every success, there is insurmountable efforts, hard work, resilience and rejections but all this is worth it when i look back.  I feel that i am leading a more purposeful life and enjoy what i am doing as an Excellence Lifestyle Coach.  This journey has taught me that i can take control of my family's health now, i gain financial independent and result is i am happier.  These 9 years, i learn more about myself, my strength, my weaknesses, my passion and my calling.  I have also make great friends who support me spiritually as well in my personal development to achieve a higher self.

The beginning of change is AWARENESS.
You don't have to go fast, you just have to have momentum.

Sharing with you my journey as an Excellence Lifestyle Coach.

If you have more than 5 Yes to the above known threats and is currently having no solution to them, reach out to us in how to build an Anti Fragile Life and allow me to share more with you on my journey.

Journey with me and lead an Excellence Lifestyle to be healthier, wealthier and happier.

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