Wednesday 2 November 2022

Interview with 4 Excellence Lifestyle Coaches

Thanks to NI SYNERGY, I'm honoured to be the Emcee for our last MMS Training 2022.

It was an insightful sharing from 4 of our Excellence Lifestyle Coaches from all walks of life. 

Our youngest Excellence Lifestyle Coach is a Malaysian studying yr 3 in Taiwan. Envision a YOLO life and yet identify her Gray Rhino at such a young age.  She could have enjoy her Uni life THEN embark on our Anti Fragile business but she choose NOW. Why?

Also another Malaysian, who "met" her Singapore mentor through her IG post. A stay home mum who enjoys freedom and desire to lessen the load of her husband because of the ever increasing expenses and living standard. 

Next 2 are Singaporeans.

C is a swimming coach with constant back pain and with covid, when income was zero, she had to resort to delivery job which took a deeper toil on her health. C who is an introvert took the courage and embark on this career in the hope of stabilising her income and understanding the limit of her body as she ages. Now, she has helped her dad, sis and family to regain health and also her other students' families and fellow swim coaches on the risk of a self employed. She is holding the remote control of her health, wealth and happiness. 

H, is a constant learner and has vast working experiences and family has ran 2 businesses before. She values work life balance and an environment for self growth.  Our Anti Fragile business provides her the platform for personal development, mitigating Gray Rhino in her family. She also enjoys the abundance of resources from NI SYNERGY and mentor to support her in her Anti Fragile Lifestyle. 

Ytrday was a wonderful evening hearing their sharings in building their Anti Fragile Lifestyle not just for themselves but for many other families too.

I can relate to their happiness as I choose to be Healthier, Wealthier and Happier 10 years ago by embarking on this Anti Fragile business system. 

Join me for MMS 2023.
BE the LIGHT in your family. 

# Thanks to my lovely team mates for the beautiful pic! Thank you so much!

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