Thursday 28 April 2022

How to live with Covid-19?

It has been more than 2 years that we are living with Covid-19.

There was a spike in the cases of Omicron after February 2022 Chinese New Year.

Let me share with you some of the common questions, finding i observed and what i read and learned these few months as i have been receiving Covid-19 cases almost daily till date.

Let me try and keep it as short.

1. What is the difference between viruses and bacteria?

2. Why Covid-19 virus mutate so fast?
As the virus enters an individual, the virus replicate. During the "copying" process, copying errors can occur and thus explain the mutation.  With the number of cases worldwide at the same time, that explains the rampant mutation. 
According to report, since Dec 2019 to May 2021, Covid-19 has mutated 6,600 times.

3. Does negative result means you have no covid-19 virus when you have the Covid-19 symptoms?
Be it Covid-19 virus or any virus, the virus takes time to multiple in our body.  At the point of testing, the virus could be too minute to give a positive result and that does not mean there is no existence of the virus.  When the body gradually scumble to the fight of the virus, symptoms will develop.  Therefore some people tested positive after a few days. while the body was fighting.

4. Will you get Covid-19 again?
When body is not recovered fully and the lingering virus is not entirely cleared by maintaining a healthy and balance body, one could be re infected.  Another possibility is attack with another strain of Covid-19 virus. 

5. Why some people do not get infected with Covid-19?
There are studies that shown that it could also attribute to the gene.  Some other factors that could influence the result of infection are:
- age
- health condition such as pre-existing cardiovascular deterioration
- one's innate immune system
- lifestyle
- diet
- hygiene
- quantity and duration of virus exposure

6. Who will get long Covid?
Till date, there is not definite conclusion on what causes Long Covid. 
Severity of Covid-19 does not differ in the result of getting Long Covid
Check out our next post on Long Covid.

How to live with Covid-19?
Nourish you innate Immune system.  It is our best doctor.  Our innate immune system is supposed to do 3 main functions of self defence, cleanse and repair.  

What can we do to keep our innate immune system healthy and balance to do the 3 functions effectively?
- Consume wholesome plant, fruits and vegetable high in antioxidants, phytochemicals and polysaccharides 
- Quality rest
- Stable emotion. Hang around with positive people.  We are the average of the 5 people we hang around with.

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