Wednesday 7 April 2021

The story of Larry, Scott and Brad

The story of Larry, Scott and Brad
Larry is a hardworking professional who is always on time for work and put in extra hours to be the best employee. His life is basically work and home. 

Scott, invest his time in reading books and exercising and eating healthily daily. 

Brad chooses to invest in entrainment gadgets and stay on his couch most of the time. 

1 day, it seem not much different from their daily lifestyle.
This goes for 30 days.

Let's take a look after 30 days.
Larry becomes tired physically and mentally due to long working hours and work stress and also taking a toil on his relationships with his family and friends.

Scott is getting more energetic from his daily healthy lifestyle and diet and getting more popular and wiser among his family and friends from his wide reading.

Brad is growing wider in size due to the long resting and snacking on the couch with his entertainment. His vision is a little affected too and get lethargic easily.

This is only 30 days.  
How about we convert the 30 days to 30 years?

What if this experiment is on your health, finances, parenting, lifestyle?

Are you Larry, Scott or Brad?

Who do you really want to be?

To be who you really want to be, STARTS NOW!

Journey with me to lead a healthier, wealthier and happier lifestyle. 

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