Monday 19 April 2021

How to achieve radiant complexion with minimum make up?

How to achieve radiant complexion with minimum make up?

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Call me lazy if you want.  I am quite a simple person coming to beauty and health regime.  I prefer to have minimum make up as i am lazy to remove the make up too (haha) so i believe in having a safe, quality and effective skincare and diet plan to keep my life simple.

Beauty comes from within. So diet, rest, exercise and emotion play important roles in having external beauty.

Want a healthy body and complexion?
Reach out to me to find out what are my beauty and diet regime to stay Healthier, Younger and Happier!

Be a wiser consumer. 

Food for medicine. 

Being healthy is not a goal.

Being Healthy is a way of Life.

Journey with us to lead a Nutritional Immunology Lifestyle to stay Healthier, Prettier and Happier!

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