Monday 29 October 2018

Fermented food for a healthy gut?

I refer to my article dated 9 September 2018,  according to studies, probiotics benefits to gut health remain questionable .

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"The gut microbiota of each individual is unique."

"... diet considered the most promising factor.."

"Indeed, there is no need for daily probiotic supplements as a healthy body self regulates its microbiota..."

"Children, too, can take probiotics supplements, but it has not been shown to have added health benefits..."

With a healthy diet of wholesome plant, fruits and vegetables in our diet, our body will do its own work.  The best doctor in the world is our immune system.  Nourish it well like a Ferrari, it will function like one.  Many diseases are caused by the malfunction of our immune system.

Let your healthy immune system be your ASSET instead of liability.

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