Monday 1 October 2018

With Artificial Intelligence, how could you position yourself?

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Are you amazed how technology is moving on and how it has tremendously improve our lifestyle?
We have moved on from:
- directory to Google map
- telephone book to Google search
- booking holidays through agencies to online booking
- snail mail to email
- telegraphy to smart phone
- flying around the world for business transactions to closing a business in less than a min
- e.t.c

Do you see the hidden risks behind world modernization?
Automation and robots have efficiently and can easily replace 10s of manpower resources.

What's next?
Singapore population is currently 5.8m and in 2030 it could increase to 6.3m. With increase in number of people and job replacement by automation and robots, what could be the employment ratio by then??? Currently, the unemployment rate is at a safer zone of 2%.

Many jobs could be replaced or have been replaced in the near future.
- Customer service officer
- Chef
- Teacher
- Driver
- Lawyer
- Doctors
- Pharmacist
- Cashier
- waiter
- Engineer
- Accountant
- Data entry clerk
- Journalists
- Construction worker
- Musicians
- e.t.c

It affects both blue and white collar.

How could we safeguard ours and our next generation future???
With world modernization, it is indeed a good innovation.  So what can we do now and in future???  We can't beat them, let's leverage on them!!!

I'm leveraging on an app to build a business system globally.  Business could be dealt within a min!

When you choose to remain status quo, you are intentionally moving yourself from middle class to poor class.

You have a choice to make a difference to your future.  NOW  is the time!

Join me and my team now!

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