Tuesday 11 September 2018

How to prevent Enterovirus 71 strain, more virulent strain of hfmd

So you think HFMD is bad?
Heard of EV-71? Read here.
"There is no approved drug or vaccine in Singapore..."
If there is... "viable in 5 years' time"...

How can we prevent it?
First we have to understand that many a time drug suppresses or manages symptoms.  It does not per se cure us.  Medicine can prolong our life but might not give us a quality lifestyle that we want.

Could we wait for 5 years for a vaccine to be developed?  A vaccine which is based on 5 years ago virus, does it still apply as viruses mutate over time?

So who is the best doctor in the world?  
It is our immune system!!!
Despite the marvels of medical advancement, there is no substitute for our immune system.  Nourish our immune system well, it is able to defend, cleanse and repair.  Many diseases and cancers are due to genetic, unhealthy lifestyle and diet causing our immune system to malfunction.  We can't do anything to genetic but we can definitely improve our diet and lifestyle.  A healthy immune system will produce its own antibody naturally, better than waiting for 5 years or so...

Nutritional Immunology is a science that studies the relationship between the food we eat and our immune system.  Nourish our immune system with the right food, we can enhance the functions of our immune system and lower the risks of cancers and diseases.

How does my family benefit from the science of Nutritional Immunology? 
Read here.
We simply start our day with a Healthy Breakfast of  Oxyginberry (Rosytime), Soypro and drink Chamoment as our plain water daily!  

Join us to be healthier when we are healthy!

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