Saturday 10 December 2016

Where can you volunteer with your family?

I have always wanted my family to be involved in charity work, be it in church or outside.  I believe in giving back and that explain why i am in my healthy fast food business as well.  I want to pay it forward for the things that i have found and blessed me.

The list is short, i will update when i come across places which family can volunteer together.

Why together?  It is a bonding moment and a culture we can impart to our kids to create an impactful and healthy environment for the future generations.  1 will influence 10 and 10 influence 100 and so on.  Isnt it amazing?

1. Willing Hearts
Willing Hearts has a simple philosophy when it comes to volunteering – Just come with a warm smile, two helping hands, an open and willing heart, and one simple question “How can I be of help today?” That is all it takes to volunteer at Willing Hearts kitchen!

2. Salvation Army
Kettling anyone?  
Do you have 2 hours?  
Do you have a willing heart to serve?  
Do you want to train your kids public speaking and patience?

3. Keep Hope Alive
KHA is founded by Mdm Fion Phua an individual that has eventually grown to a large community sharing a common goal for the love of humanity; she works with the less privileged Singaporeans focusing on providing better quality of life and most importantly, to keep hope alive for them.  This voluntary group conducts frequent door-to-door knocks on 1 and 2-room HDB flats to lookout, listen and take action for people who are in need, most times, in dire strait eg. unable to pay for over-dued electricity / medical bills, providing daily needs and groceries, milk powder or bus fare for school children, refurbishing bug-infested homes and also visits to the sickly elderly living on their own without help or care. If you share the same mind-set and passion as us and willing to spare time, energy, roll up your sleeves for the less privileged, join the and be part of this meaningful and fulfilling cause!

4. A Packet of Rice
A self setup group which distributes meal box to low income needy residents and senior citizens who residing in rented 1 or 2 rooms flats.  Join them to contribute the society or be a sponsor!

5. World Vision
I had personally sponsored 2 children.  Look at my cute children here. 😌
Beside sponsoring a child, you can make contribution in various ways.

6. Food from the Heart
If you have a car, this organisation will greatly need our help.  If not, there are other opportunities for willing people to contribute too.


If you know more places for family volunteer, please kindly email me to add on to the above.

Thank you and best regards
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