Wednesday 7 December 2016

Boosting Your Kid's Immune System Workshop


Hi parents
Anyone of you facing the following?
- Kids frequently fall sick?
- Kids taking too much medication?
- Kids not eating enough vegetables?
- Kids are taking supplements?
- Kids having constipation etc?

Would you be interested to attend a FREE health talk to address on the above?

From our Health Talk you will learn:
1. Who is the best doctor
2. What are the common diseases among children
3. What are the common nutrition misconceptions
4. How can we prevent them
3. How to choose the right plant foods that are beneficial for our children

We have conducted health talks in preschools, corporation, indoor playgrounds and non profit organisation.

Companies who would like to work with us to increase your employees and students attendance rates and add values to parents and increase your traffic to your outlets, contact us for collaboration.

Thank you and best regards
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