Sunday 11 December 2016

Health Talk at Idealite, 11 Dec 2016

How did I spend my afternoon?

I was with my team mate conducting a health talk at Idealite which has the same philosophy of wholesome plant, fruits and vegetables.

I never knew about this place, I'm sure I will be back again!

Healthy pumpkin barley drink.

The talk begins.

                                 Cooking demo

Homemade blueberry jam, so easy as ABC and with 3 ingredients. 

                          Food tasting. yummy!

                    Questions from the audience.

Food from Idealite.

What I like about Idealite is they don't serve mock meat and they have my favorite and hard to find mushroom, lion mane!!!

I'm so privileged to receive this VIP card which is not available for application in Singapore yet!
Join me for a meal or drink there!

Thank you Sam & Ting Hoey for your great hospitality. 

Being more plant base, not only it enhance your health, you save the earth too.

Be a wise consumer, (plant) food for medicine. 

Thank you and best regards
Mentor / Health Consultant / Trainer / Lifestyle blogger
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