Thursday 5 December 2013

RECIPE: Encore agar agar with E-SWEET

Ingredients as above. It can make abt 120 pieces bite size agar agar.  

1. Take a bunch of pandan leaves and boil together with 700ml water for 15-30min. Then turn fire low,  add 4 sachets of E-Sweet and a sachet agar agar mix and stir slowly.
2. Add 3 sachets of ENCORE to 300ml of room temperature water and stir well.
3. Let the liquid from 1 cool off a little and add liquid from 2. Mix well. 
4. After mixing everything, dish out into the mould.

The heart and liver are vital organs that work round the clock to help the body to function. The heart works as a pump to send blood through all parts of the body. The liver is basically a filter and cleanser of the bloodstream. Both heart and liver are important to a healthy immune system. The pumping heart moves blood containing immune cells, oxygen and nutrients, to all parts of the body. The liver contains immune cells that help the body to fight infections.

Encore is specially formulated to nourish the heart and liver with antioxidant-rich plant foods so they can perform optimally—and ultimately keep the immune system at peak performance.

E-SWEET is a sweetener that contains steviol glycosides (the sweet components of the stevia leaf) and maltodextrin. One package of E-SWEET is equivalent in sweetness to about 4 level teaspoons of cane sugar (sucrose) but has only 3% of the calories and no significant effect on blood sugar level. What’s more, it tastes like cane sugar. Substitute cane sugar with E-SWEET for a natural sweet taste that does not burden your health.

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