Monday 30 December 2013

Diet is more important than exercise

Diet and exercise are both equally important to have good health.  However, diet is more important than exercising. We are what we eat. 

For more details, you can read the following on why diet is more important than exercising.,c9226805

1 can of coke takes minutes to drink. To burn the calories of 1 can of coke takes at least 1 hour of exercise.  So would you choose to indulgent in minutes of enjoyment and sweat out 1 hour to burn the calories you just drink down?  You decide.  For me, i am lazy so i prefer to drink plain water and i bring my own water out daily. :)

I have started adding REFRESH to my plain water since Oct 2013 and lately change my drinking container to stainless steel instead of BPA plastic bottle.

 Do you know we can keep fit through our diet?  Not telling you to skip meals but TO EAT WISER. By having high fibre diet and watching your calories help in weight management and maintaining general good health.

Listen to the following to understand more about how much calories are we taking in daily (eg a cup of milkshake is equivalent the total calories we need in a day) and what are the good dieting habits with little exercise to maintain good health.

Why run along the road and breathing in carbon monoxide, isn't it causing more harm than good?  Exercising in the gym with air refreshener ( is causing more harm too.


This is my high fibre breakfast daily.
Nutrifresh and 1 shape lite 
1 shape has soy, psyllium husk, American ginseng and fruits
1 shape lite has soy, psyllium husk and American ginseng

Instead of drinking plain water,  these are what I drink daily. Either 1 each day. 

Myself in a pair of jeans I bought during honeymoon.

Health is wealth.  Wish you good health and wealth.

Thank you and best regards

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