Friday 2 July 2021

Simple Living #2: Be here now

 Past. Present. Future.

Many a time we let the unhappiness, grievance and, anger of the past consume us and affecting our current emotion and behaviours.  The present choices with accumulation to react to the past, can result in future unhealthy you.

When you are caught in a moment of negative emotion or behaviour, focus on mindfulness breathing.  With consistent practise, you might notice that the ability to let go of the negativity comes easier.  You are no longer focusing on your PAST emotion and behaviour but staying in the PRESENT in breathing in and out, to create a new realm of FUTURE not of your past.

Just image with a snap of your fingers or a clap, the action is a past.  You are in the future.

Do not let the past destroy your future.

Journey with us to lead a Nutritional Immunology Lifestyle to stay Healthier, and Happier!

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