Saturday 23 January 2021

Help! Why do i always feel hungry even shortly after a meal?

Do you or know someone who constantly feel hungry, and even after a meal?
You might think it is due to high metabolism and anyway you or he don't grow bigger, it is fine to keep eating.

When you eat more, are you taking highly nutritional food from wholesome plant, fruits and vegetables or high processed (junk) food such as, meat, dairy and oily food?

Food can heal.
Food can harm.

You may feel hungry (shortly) after a meal, this is due to a lack of protein and fibre in your diet!

Many suggest taking protein from meat source.  Meat is harder to digest thus making one feels full and emotionally satisfied so we conclude meat is good to make us feel full.

Studies have shown that wholesome plant food has higher and healthy protein than meat and it has fibre which meat does not have.

High protein and fibre from wholesome plant, fruits and vegetables help to keep the digestive system healthy and also keep us fuller from consuming unhealthy food.

Our family convenience is Soygreen and Soypro, high in wholesome Soy, vegetables and fruits which provide us protein, calcium, nutrients and fibre.

Be a wiser consumer. 

Food for medicine. 

Being healthy is not a goal.

Being Healthy is a way of Life.

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