Monday 18 January 2021

Anlinna's mother in law, 75 years old, fell and knocked her knee and legs

My mil just fell down and knocked her left knee on mon evening, 11 Jan 2021, I was not home. she's wise to immediately take more Nutritional Immunology food from that evening. She has recovered in less than a week!  Also, with constant nourishment, at age 74, she's still able to walk around at home during recovery went out for Chinese New Year shopping whole day on sunday,17 Jan 2021! 😃

Can you imagine an elderly who fell and on her knees?  What would happened?
If you ask around, many would tell you elderly cannot fall down as most elderly, their health would deteriorate very fast due to brittle bone density.  When they become become immobile and less active, they become less energetic and affect their emotion too.

Physical health can affect mental health too.

I am thankful to have known this science of Nutritional Immunology which benefit not just myself but my family and friends.

With health, we can achieve our dreams.

 2 years ago I broke my 5th metatarsal and with plenty of ni food, I recovered within 2 months and went for 2 weeks australia holidays walking 15-20k steps daily, no side effect!

Thank God that I did not need an operation as I can't imagine how much would the bills be. 

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Be a wiser consumer. 

Food for medicine. 

Being healthy is not a goal.

Being Healthy is a way of Life.

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