Monday 27 July 2020

Group B Strep Infection (GBS) in pregnancy

Why am i writing this post is because a friend just texted me few days ago.  I learnt that her sister just lost her baby at 32 week due to GBS infection.  The baby was preterm baby and at this stage, GBS testing is not done till later stage so no one expected it. I feel very sorry for the mummy and baby. 

What is GBS?
GBS is 1 of the the many bacteria infection that can be present in our bodies.  It usually does not cause any harm to a healthy body.  However, about 1 in every 4 women is found to have GBS in their rectum / vagina.

GBS infection can be very dangerous to baby during and after labour.

GBS testing is usually done about 4 weeks before estimated date of delivery.  If tested positive, your Gynae will prescribed with antibiotic.

I am Anlinna, i have 3 kids. Currently Alyssa is 11 and Zachary is 9 and a tod at 20 months.  For my 2 earlier pregnancies i was diagnosed with GBS and took antibiotic at my last trimester.

When i was induced birth with Alyssa at around 7am till 9pm, my dilation was still 1cm.  My gynae told me i had to go through emergency cesarean at 9pm as it might be harmful to the baby.

2nd pregnancy, i opted for elective cesarean because i was told that my pelvic is small and baby head is big and i could have a hard delivery.

3rd pregnancy i was hoping to go through natural birth but my gynae do not do virginal birth after 2 ceasarean (VBA2C) and hubby insisted i go through cesarean.

So to prevent contacting GBS for the last pregnancy, i took plenty of Nutritional Immunology food especially after i conceived.  For my 2 earlier pregnancies i did not learn about the preventive health science of Nutritional Immunology and i was tested positive for GBS.

3 weeks away from delivery date

This pregnancy i did not take Duphaston, multi vitamin, fish oil, folic acid which were prescribed to me at the 2 earlier pregnancies.  I decided to lead a minimum exposure to drug / synthetic oral intake for my last pregnancy.

Additional tips

Antibiotic overuse putting babies in danger


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Make an appointment with me how i lead a healthy pregnancy.

Journey with me and lead a Nutritional Immunology Lifestyle to be healthier, happier and free from diseases and cancers.

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