Tuesday 9 June 2020

Leadership: Lesson learned from Jack Ma from his sharing at NYU Shanghai commencement, 31 May 2020

Because of Alibaba, i started my 1st online business about 12 years ago.
Thanks to Jack Ma for his vision and his perseverance in taking actions for his belief. 

You cannot change the past or even the present, but with little actions you can change the future.
Worrying of the current situation cannot change anything but with even little change, you can alter the result you want.

To change the future, it lies in the CHOICE through your ACTIONS NOW.

The problems of today is the opportunity of the future.  Now is is the time you create values for the society and the future.

To know the future, create the values now.
We cannot use our old belief (past knowledge) to solve future problems.  
Constant growth is important or face the risk of self elimination for this and the future generation as you can only give what you can give to yourself and your next generation.

Be grateful of yesterdays;
Take action today;
Believe a brighter tomorrows.

Be a dreamer or a creator of your future and your next generation's future, you have a choice.  Your actions today count.

Enjoy Jack Ma sharing. :)

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