Sunday 7 June 2020

Growth Mindset

During this Circuit Breaker (CB), Alyssa kept bugging us to buy her an ukelele and initially we turn her down. We told her we are not gonna send her for any classes as she gave up her G6 piano at P4 citing the reason she hates practising the same pieces just for exam.

I admire her perseverance, determination and her attitude in learning during this CB.

She picks up ukelele and magic tricks herself from YouTube during CB with no supervision and self learnt her piano pieces from the piano song books she requested us to buy. 

I admire her.
It is not how well this little girl plays her pieces and her tricks but her attitude and character in life.

Self growth is important in an ever changing world. 

Have a self growth mindset and lead a purposeful life.

I am so proud of you, Alyssa.  Keep up your good work and lead a purposeful life.

Journey with me and lead a Nutritional Immunology Lifestyle to be free from diseases and cancers.

Thank you and best regards
Anlinna Lim

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