Wednesday 8 April 2020

Crisis. What business is left for you?

With Dorscon Orange and escalating of COVID-19 cases, the Authority has advised safe distancing and entertainment and tuition centres to be closed.

With technology, life is still not so greatly affected.
This morning, we had our learning and work by leveraging on technology, doing things the non traditional way.
Life is about thinking out of the box.
Italian COVID-19  patients over 80 years old are left to untreated.  Extreme consideration of herd immunity raise concerns.
In such crisis, people are stocking up instant food, toilet papers, mask, sanitizers etc.
What some other people are buying to keep healthy through this tough time?

When life gives you lemon, make lemonade! 
Technology has transformed our lives for the better.  Are you leveraging on it, to improve your life?

What do you see?
Danger and Fear?
Importance of of having a healthy body and a passive income?

Successful man's mindset, they see both.

They get prepared before the crisis.

Are you ready for crisis?
Start NOW.  Late than never.
Turn crisis into opportunity.
Turn shopping into income.

Early Jan 2020, in fact late Dec 2019, the infectious Coronavirus (COVID-19) begins.
In the midst of arising COVID-19 cases all over the world, countries like Malaysia, NY, New Jersey, connecticut, face shutdown / lockdown.

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