Wednesday 29 April 2020

What are some inspiration videos you can watch with your children?

Here are 10 inspirational and values videos you can watch with you children, shared by children, i compile for my children!  Enjoy!!!

Let's start with our local Singaporean, Dylan Soh!  I met him in person before, he is a cheerful and creative boy!
Dare to dream big

Be a wiser consumer from young

3. Time Management by Evan Moulten
Procrastination / Self control

4. Teamwork by Marc Durant-Bender
Together Everyone Achieves More

5. How little people can make a difference by Charlie Cooper
Pay It Forward

6. Motivation the mindset of champion by Carson Byblow
Growth Mindset

7. Lemon to Lemonade by Senna
Positive people = Positive world

8. Kids can do by Noah Deguanco
Have limitless belief

Save the world.  Everyone's effort counts

10. Why you dont have to wait till you grow up by 10 years old Ishita Katyal
What do you want to do now

Here is the full list for your sharing!

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