Wednesday 29 January 2020

Wuhan Virus / Coronavirus

Some speculate this Coronavirus could be worse than SARS.  Many rushing to buy masks and hand sanitizer.  How can we effective protect ourselves and our family?

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Let's look at the limitation of masks.

An article written by World Renowned Nutritional Immunology, Dr Chen Jau Fei.

I prepared these 2 travel tubes for my kids for school which started today after the Chinese New Year long weekend.

From a Prince of Wales Hospital Ward Manager: It is more important to use hand sanitizer /wash hands than to wear a mask - no matter what kind of pneumonia, it is contagious by droplets. Because the droplets are heavy, they are not airborne, so chances are low that people will breathe these bacteria directly into the body. But the bacteria from the droplets can stay on the surface of any public object for 24 hours and still be active, including elevator buttons, any handrails, and even the salt/pepper/seasoning racks in restaurants. Studies have shown that an average person touches the face 10 times every hour (fixing glasses, squinting eyes, blowing your nose). Once your hands are contaminated and you touch your eyes/nose/mouth, you will be at risk. This is also why in the early stage of SARS, even though medical staff wore N95 masks they still contracted the disease.

 Sanitizing and washing your hands often is more important.

If you already have hand sanitizer, do take note not to have tricolsan as an ingredients as well as in your toothpaste.

Why our Handygel and skincare are different from others? We ferment our alcohol!  Safety is our priority.💖

Within a few hours, i sold more than 5 dozens Handygel.

Our family are also taking freeze dried food formulated base on the science of nutritional Immunology to enhance our body to self defend, cleanse and repair more effectively and efficiently.  For nearly 6 years, they barely see doctor at all.

Food for Medicine. 

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