Tuesday 26 November 2019

Kid's adventure on taking public transport home from town

Last year around this time, I had to train Alyssa then 9 years old to take public transport to her enrichment classes as I just delivered baby Elijah and we were short handed.

This year Chinese New Year Eve, we started Zachary who is 8, to start taking bus home from school.  He is enjoying it as he can go home with his friends.

This week Zachary has class at Novena.  Today i fetched them there and had lunch with them at D'Life Signature.  As i had meeting after that so i took this opportunity to train them to take train and bus home together from Novena mrt to Tanjong Katong.

Their starting point.

Next pit stop.

In the train.

End of their MRT ride.

Reached home!  Hooray!

Life is an adventure.  No venture no gain!

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