Monday 25 November 2019

Club Med Bintan 19-23 Nov 2019

Their first holidays without us and 3rd holiday with their cousins.  Thanks to my sister and BIL for babysitting them. :)

Club Med is full of activities which you can enjoy as early as 9am to 10pm or 12 midnight.  With such exciting activities and schedule, and being on holidays, most people will have fun to the fullest therefor lack of sleep is inevitable.  

How do i keep my kids healthy even when on holidays?

Staying healthy anytime and anywhere with anyone!

Alyssa and Zachary enjoying the Rosytime with their cousins.

 Stay healthier when you are healthy. 

Meanwhile they were having fun, we went JB on Friday to run an errand.  My healthy breakfast.

Staying healthy is a momentum.

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