Monday 12 February 2018

Zachary Birthday 2018

This year, Zachary requested that i baked chiffon cupcakes for him.  His wish was granted!  Celebrated his birthday together with CNY reunion dinner at mum's house yesterday.

As an advocate of wholesome fruits and vegetables, i have been looking for food source to flavour my cupcakes instead of food colouring.  By chance i found Natureally and i thought to give it a try.

Purple potatoes meringue.

Sweet potatoes in the baking.

200 mini chiffon cupcakes baked in 6 hours using our Blended macadamia nut cooking oil which is high in omega 3 and smoke point. Definitely a healthier way of life. 

4 flavours of mini chiffon cupcakes in order as follows.

Prepare the Triflora Vegecolor Jelly in minutes!!!

Happy Boy!

Birthday table completed with mini chiffon cupcakes and Vegecolor Jelly made my Anlinna and rainbow Jelly cake bought from my sister.

Everyone enjoys the mini chiffon cupcakes and looking around for their favourite flavours!

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