Monday 5 February 2018

Anlinna's Eye Lasik operation with Dr Lee Hung Ming

I have always wanted to do Lasik for my eyes for a decade but had been putting on hold.  Finally after recommendation from friends and much research, i decided on Dr Lee Hung Ming.

Let's watch a short video to walkthrough my journey.

Before consultation, you have to lay off from contact lenses for a few days.
First consultation, there will be some checks to assess if we are suitable for Lasik.  Later on, Dr Lee will review with us.  Once he gives the green light, we can do Lasik in a couple of days.
On the actual day, it is advisable to wear long sleeves for the operation and breakfast is allow.  Paracetamol and tranquilizer were given to me before the operation and i was asked to rest in a room. In a short while, I was asked to make my way to the operation theatre.  Everything seem to happen very fast, all done in 15min kind!
I regain my eyesight immediately after the operation!!!
I felt pretty drowsy after the operation and it persisted the whole day and much better the next day.  It is better to have someone to go along with you on the operation day.
My next-day and 1-week review were good.  Dr Lee said i was doing very well and recovery was excellent.  Thanks to Dr Lee and Nutritional Immunology food which prepared and helped me to speed up my recovery!
I will still be back again for my 1-month review.

The staff at Dr Lee's clinic are very friendly and helpful.  There is a small pantry where you can get your beverages and biscuit while waiting for your queue.

If you are interested in Lasik, you can quote, Anlinna Lim for a FREE CONSULTATION worth $200!!!

Eyes are window to our soul. As we age, the next eye condition would be cataract.  It is important to keep a healthy lifestyle and diet to keep our eyes healthy.

Following are what you can do:
1.  Spend time outdoors 
2. Rest and relax your eyes
3. Keep the eyes moist
4. Ensure a good reading posture
5. Consume high antioxidants wholesome plant food that nourish our eyes such as cassia tora, chia seeds, chinese wolfberry, carrot, grape seed, blueberry, etc

For convenience, i take Oxyginberry and E View to protect my eyes.



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