Monday 17 April 2017

Vegetarian resturant in Singaore: Loving Hut

Today, i brought a friend to Loving Hut near our place for lunch.  I am glad that she enjoyed the vegetarian food.  We ordered the Monday Special, Sesame Chicken claypot rice.  It is quite light and healthy. The meat is lion mane mushroom i supposed and the blacker meat tasted like beancurd skin.  We love the avocado, soy milk with chocolate drink as it is not heavy and not too sweet. 

They do sell some vegetarian off the shelf food and a shelf of books for reading and i found the 3 vegetarian books i have for my kids too!

Those who stay in the east can try out Loving Hut!

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I brought my family and mother in law to have dinner 22 Apr'17.

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