Wednesday 9 November 2016

Colorectal cancer numbers far too high???

Credit to The Straits Time, 9 November 2016.
Colorectal cancer numbers far too high???

Cancer does not happen overnight.  Even the most advance technology, it needs at least 1mm which has at least 1 million cancer cells, to be detected.  Usually 2/3 of the time, cancer could not be detected.  Breast cancer takes 6-8 years and colon cancer 1-2 decades.  What can we do during this window period of time before it become cancerous?
(with reference to Nutrition.Immunity.Longevity book by Dr Chen Jau Fei)

Colorectal cancer is still rank the top 3 cancer rate in Singapore.  How much is the cost of treatment $1.2k to $2k each.  Would you choose prevention or treatment?
Can we simply remove our lymph nodes?  It is part of our immune system and God has given each part of our body for its own unique function.  Lymph nodes is part of our drainage system which filter the lymph fluid and remove foreign materiasl such as bacteria and cancer cells. By trying to remove the lymph nodes does not guarantee cancer cells are hidden there and taking the risks of losing part of your body function, is it worth it to go down the knife?

We all know Chemotherapy kills all our bad and good cells and making one weaker as you can read from the article that some would rather die.

Chemotherapy can control but not cure it.

Would you choose prevention or treatment?

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