Monday 28 November 2016

Bangkok, 21-24 June 2016 (Kidzania)

A delayed sharing of our holidays in Bangkok.

Whenever we go BKK, we like to stay at Novotel @ Siam Square.  This time we checked in to their newly renovated room which i forgotten to take picture :p .
Novotel @ Siam Square is very convenient as the BTS is just right in front and malls around within walking distant and Kidzania is just like a few blocks away!

One of our favourite snack outside our hotel.

Pop by Hello Kitty Cafe for some snack which is just near our hotel.

A must go place for their chilli crab!!!

Found a hermit crab in the Gong Gong.

First time trying this dew drop dessert which i saw on FB.

Coming to the highlight of this trip!  Kidzania @ Bangkok (KB)!
Our first trip was to Kidzania @ Singapore.
Please note that there is no passport system at KB as of now.  So all money earn or spend will be kidzos.  We went on Wednesday and reached at 10am and stayed till 5pm.  In 7 hours, we had completed stations.  They were:
1. Auto Repair Shop
2. Car Dealership & design
3. Culinary School
4. Brand's Junior University
5. Japanese Restaurant
6. Flight simulator - Pilot
7. Peanut Factory
8 Acting Academy
9. Ketchup factory
10. Construction site worker
11. Flight Simulator - Cabin Crew
12. Dentist
13. Stadium Soccer game

Station 1 & 2

Station 3 Culinary School

Station 4 Brand's University

Station 5 Japanese Restaurant

Station 6 - Pilot

Station 7 Peanut Factory

Having their sushi as their lunch while waiting for station 8 Acting Academy, their favourite of all.

While they were rehearsing, daddy went to get his coffee and i had my macaroon as snack.

It is movie time!

Station 9 Ketchup Factory

Station 10 Construction Site

Station 11 Flight simulator Cabin Crew

Station 12 Dentist

Station 13 Stadium Soccer game

Food at Ping tasted so so.

Cheap and not too bad food at foodcourt of Platinum Mall.

Our first dinner on boat by Banyan Tree. 

 My Elemente facial, body & hair care regime from E Excel

 Food at Taling Pling are quite nice.  Give it a try!  We had been there a few times.

 Craving for bingsu and check out 1 of the bingsu.

Too much shaved ice and too little ingredients.

Last food station before we headed home.  Bake Cheese Tart.  Personally, i feel that the cheese at BKK is a little more wet than Singapore which i prefer.

We did not have enough of BKK and went back in September again, without the kids!

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