Thursday 7 July 2016

Food Safety

Greeting from Cairns!😍😍😍
I was at Sweet Farm today.

Great learning experience on how they farm and harvest their crops.

I believe many of us know that Australia is very strict and "organic" in their farming and pretty clean with their production.

 Are these enough to measure the food safety?
I was pondering as I listened.

E Excel (EE)  is a food company which do not required GMP cert however EE strives on food safety.

Do u know how much does a safety test costs? 😊
It ranges from few hundreds to thousands of dollars.
EE carries out nearly 2000 tests to tests for microorganisms, heavy metals, pesticides, poisons, caffeine, melamine, sulphur, salmonella, E coli etc.
I am glad that I have found EE Nutritional Immunology safety food for my family. 😊😊😊

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