Monday 19 October 2015

Childhood is not a race

In the midst of chasing for result,  we must slowly down to inculcate the values within each result.

In the midst of preparing Alyssa for grade 2 piano exam,  I asked what result she wants.
She wants a distinction and receive award like her cousin.  So I asked how can she achieve it, she said she needs to practise daily.

We don't really drill our kids. When they receive their end result,  we let them look back at the amount of effort they put in.  If we fail to plan; then plan to fail.

Thoughts lead to feelings
Feelings lead to actions
Actions lead to RESULT

We also taught them life is never fair,  money don't grow on trees, a stitch in time save nine (Alyssa surprised me with using this quote twice on me and her bro), early bird catches the worms etc.

Learning is an ongoing process.  Children is our teacher in life too.

Values are more important than being academically smart.

Thank you and best regards
Health trainer / coach / speaker

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