Thursday 1 October 2015

A Healthy & Convenient Breakfast

The 10 breakfast you should avoid (click to read).

The 10 healthy food that are killing you (click to read).

Gonna add EVERSTAY-D & VEGECOLOR together with OXYGINBERRY for my wholesome healthy breakfast for my whole family!!!  All wholesome plant, fruits and vegetables are manufactured using Freeze Drying method to retain the highest nutrients. No chemicals & preservatives. Real food. 

Healthy & Convenient.

  Breakfast Set A - Oxyginberry, vegecolor and Everstay-D 

Breakfast Set B - Oxyginberry, Vegecolor and Nutrifresh 

What happen when we skip breakfast???
1. Gain weight
2. Loses energy
3. Increases hunger
4. Metabolism drops
5. Digestive system affected
6. Increase risks of high cholesterol 
7. Increase risks of diabetes 
8. Decline in alertness 
9. etc

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Importance of having a rainbow of vegetables.

Healthy Breakfast helps to prevent diabetes.

Wash your vegetables with VegiWash, it lasts us almost a year!!!

Convenient solution to start your day right and healthy even when you are travelling!

What is in the Vegecolor?

How to prepare the healthy breakfast in a minute!!!

What is Vegecolor?
What is Everstay-D?
What is Oxyginberry?

Contact us to start your healthy breakfast NOW!

Before breakfast, drink Refresh with slightly warm water.

Complete your day with orchestra for repairing work before sleep.

Contact us to lead a healthier way of life through the preventive health science of nutritional immunology.

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