Thursday 30 October 2014

Thank you note from our clients

On our workshops

"A helpful resource for parents who are interested in wholesome food and health for their children."

"Anlinna is always helpful in answering questions about health in general which many people will find useful."
~Liane Shaw,  Principal of Shaws Preschools

"Is a good & informative workshop to attend as it clear all the misconceptions of the supplements we are all been taking. From there, I learnt how to let my family consume the correct wholesome food to build up our immunity & save on medical bills . Definitely a must to attend for parents!"

~Patsy Chan, Mummy of 2 girls

"It is an informative and good workshop where I learnt about the various super fruits with high nutritional values as well as the various functions of our immune systems. Most importantly, I learnt to be a wise consumer going forward from the knowledge gained on how to read food labels."
~Tan Lixuan

"A resourceful workshop from which I learnt about our body immunity system and the right foods to consume. The knowledge gained will definitely help to improve our current health going forward."
~Wendy Tan, Mummy of 2 girls 

On our services

~Christine Tan, Mummy of 2 children

~Angeline Lee, Mummy of Kaylee

~Elizabeth, Mummy of Joshua

~Joanne Tan, Mummy of 2 boys

"I was desperate to find a remedy after my elder daughter is having a high fever even after completed a whole course of medication from the GP.  I went to Google online & was lucky to find Anlinna who advised me what I should give to my daughter. Within 2 days, my daughter is finally recovered & I am glad I did not send her to the GP again . Best part her appetite gets better after consuming the wholesome food."

~Patsy Chan, Mummy of 2 girls

"I got to know Anlinna when our kids attended the same enrichment class nearly two years ago.  As mummies, we are naturally concerned about our kids' health; when they are healthy, we mummies are happy. As my kids would fall sick every one to two months,  Anlinna shared the science of nutritional immunology with me when she came to know about it.

For the past one and a half years, my kids have been taking the right wholesome super food to nourish their immunity and we have noticed that their health has greatly improved and they recover faster, when compared to taking medication and synthetic vitamins.

Anlinna and her team are always ready to reply to my queries and concerns and provide great advice on how to lead a nutritional immunology lifestyle, even when she was away on holiday.  She will also keep me updated on talks and seminars on health matters organised by her team.  Her dedication and passion in helping others, coupled with her strong belief in Nutritional Immunology, is indeed admirable!

She also bake great mini cupcakes too using healthy ingredients. We are a fan of her aromantic cupcakes!  You should check out her website for more kids healthy breakfast and snacks recipe."
~Winnie Wong, Mummy of 3 children

"I'm very thankful to chanced upon the Science of Nutritional Immunology through Anlinna while I was so helpless during my son continuously fallen sick resulting near miss to hospitalize in March this year. My son health has seen much improved ever since started him with wholesome plant food. Definitely a must to share such a good and helpful source to all the mummies!! A BIG thank you to Anlinna."

~Ivy Chong, Mummy of 1 boy

"Wholesome Super Food provides me a good convenient alternative on days when I feel lazy to make my daily smoothie. Anlinna is a kind and helpful lady who is sincere in helping people gain their health and always keen on bringing awareness to people about healthy living through diet and lifestyle improvement."

~Christine Yeo

"I am very blessed that I've known Anlinna. Through her sharing of Nutritional Immunology with me, I've gain health for my family and most importantly my 3 year old daughter. I've been a very cautious mommy when it comes to my daughter's diet. I did lots of research when my gal started weaning. Til this day, she is still having home-cooked food when we dine out. 

I'm so thankful that I kept an open mind when Anlinna told me about Wholesome Super Food. These effective and safe Wholesome Super Food improves and boosts my daughter's immunity despite her first year in preschool. Amazingly, she hardly fall ill. Even if she does feel unwell, her recovery time is fast without any medication. We haven't seen her PD for a year now. In fact, all her classmates' mommies are impressed with my gal's well being!!! Our kids health is utmost important to us. Its a really comfort to me when I know I'm boosting my daughter's immunity and allowing her body to be able to heal itself by giving her Wholesome Super Food. 

Words can't describe how thankful I am to Anlinna. She is such a helpful lady and I know I can trust her. Thank you, Anlinna."
~Ann Lee, Mummy of 1 girl

~Mdm Ma, Mummy of 1 boy

"Hi Anlinna, thanks for being such a nice friend. Though we hardly know each other,  but i realised we always have lots of things to chat when we meet. You are specially helpful whenever i have any problems when my children are sick. Your prompt response is always appreciated.  Thanks a lot for everything. Though we are not able to meet up often,  but i know you will always be there whenever i need you.  Just to let u know that i will also be around when u need me. "
~Christine Tan, Mummy of 2 kids

"Thanks Anlinna. 
Health is always very important to me. I came from a family with allergy and asthma background, so I searched for many solutions to get better and read many books.  I found that our own immune system is very important factors to our health. As a mom, I always try to find the closest source of vitamins for my children to take because nowadays there are many products contains chemicals and preservatives that contributes to the main cause of more and more people have cancer, etc. I am so happy that I found Nutritional Immunology because not only it's all healthy wholesome plant-based food, it also safe for my entire family to eat. Due to my healthy lifestyle and habit, from time to time I have friends asking for health advice from me. I am so grateful to be able to share NI to others because I believe it will make a difference in their health and peace of mind that it is safe to take regardless of what health conditions they have because everyone can eat natural food. 
Even with my busy schedule and very demanding job, I try to focus and prioritize what's important. I believe if we have a will, we can find ways to make it happen. It's very important to have a good mentor to coach me along the way, and thank you so much Anlinna, you've been very positive and supportive mentor to me."
~Ayrin Widjaja, Mummy of 2 kids

Thank you and best regards
Health trainer / speaker / coach

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  1. Orchestra has helped my boys to recover faster whenever they get a cough. In the most recent episode my elder boy started coughing and with runny nose on Sunday. So he started on Orchestra. His cough has improved greatly in the span of two days. He doesn't wake up at night due to coughing. And his runny nose is gone. Thanks Anlinna!