Wednesday 8 October 2014

Some thoughts Oct 2014

It is so common to see young children falling sick and hospitalised nowadays. It is so saddening.

We have to accept the fact that the foods we eat are not as organic as our grandparents generation to combat premature diseases due to world modernisation.

Are we looking for solution to it or let it be?  The world is about cause and effect.  Beware that short term (solutions) can come back and haunt us.

Someone said this:
If you eat foods made by men in white coat; be prepared to be taken care by men in white coat.

Another friend told me this too.
Many people work hard thinking that they are working hard for their retirement.  Ironically,  they are working hard for the men in white coat.

If you want to lead a quality lifestyle, start the following:
1. A healthy diet.  Eat more fruit & vegetables.
2. A healthy sleeping pattern.  Sleep early and wake up early.
3. A healthy exercise regime.  Adequate amount of exercise. Ie 10,000 steps daily.
4. A healthy emotion. Stay happy and positive.

If you take short cut,  be prepared to get what's in line at the end of the journey.

Edwin Wee​​
Ain't you glad I have been practicing the above since our 1st child and we have found our health freedom away from medication?

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