Thursday 31 October 2013

Zachary fell sick on the 3rd day of school

Zachary started cc on 16 Oct 2013. On the 3rd day,  he was down with sneezing n dripping nose. Upon reaching home from his half day school,  I started him with 3 noco and half Millennium Sparkling Drink (MSD) in the afternoon and evening and more oseed during the day and no dairy milk.

The next day,  he started feverish but less dripping nose n sneezing.  As it was weekends, I gave the following on Saturday and Sunday,
-morning: 2 oxyginberry,  1 nutrifresh, 3 noco.
-mid morning: MSD
-afternoon and evening: 1/2 MSD and 3 noco

By Monday,  he was well to go back to school! He recovered very fast and without medication as he has been taking nutritional immunology food since April 2013.

As flu and cough are very common in preschool,  I decided to continue him with noco for 3 months to build up his respiratory.

If your child has respiratory issue and do not wish to give Western medication and tcm, contact me.

You can read more here.

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