Monday 2 September 2013

So no dairy milk then what???

Dairy milk leaches calcium from Singapore channel news. 

Read here.

I have decided to stop replenishing my children Formula Milk and cows produces like cheese and yoghurt.  It is a major decision indeed and i am gradually weaning them off from the above.  I used to compare the amount of nutrition facts on the tins on which has a high "nutrient values".  I do not blame the manufacturers as it is all about supply and demand.  Parents are looking for high "nutrient values" thus they added them for us and sell the FM at a high price of course. 

Do look at the Nutrition Facts at the back of the tin.  Do you see plenty of Vitamin x and Vitamin Y and Vitamin Z etc.  Please refer to: .  You will be amazed at what you have been feeding your children.

So no dairy milk then what???  May i ask, what is the intention of giving animals milk?  Or are we just following the trend?  What we intend to get from the dairy milk is basically protein and calcium.  Do you know animals' milk leaches out more calcium?  Do you know dairy milk is singled out as the biggest dietary cause of osteoporosis?  Please refer to:

I have been giving my children our NUTRIFRESH (wholesome Non GMO soy beverage with fibre and fruits and vegetables) with OXYGINBERRY beverage (6 type of plant food with high antioxidants and phytochemicals) and EVERSTAY-D (high fibre wholesome plant food) as morning milk and 3 OSEED (high calcium, protein, fibre etc).  Please refer to the following for our breakfast ideas:
(Contact us at +65 97919279 if you would like to try out the above)

Go for Non GMO Soy instead of GMO.  There are controversies about soy which i believe is due to difference between Non GMO and GMO.  The latter has had DNA introduced into it in a way other than the combination of male and female gametes. This process may be carried out using “recombinant DNA (rDNA) technology.” As a widely planted and versatile crop, soybeans have become a popular subject of genetic modification.  For more details, please refer to: .

To supplement the children calcium and protein intakes, you could consider the following plant food.

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