Friday 13 September 2013

Live with Dr Chen on 7 Sep 2013 in mandarin

Dear people

The following is a short summary of what i learn at Live with Dr Chen on 7 Sep 2013 (mandarin).

1. Do not resort to medication unless emergency or really serious.
2. For normal flu , cough - just let the immune system works they will train up the immune system to be healthier.
Imagine our immune system as an army.  If it doesn't get to do training - we sanitize everything and resort to medication easily , in fact our immune system will be weak as no chance to train up.  This will make our ourselves prone to diseases in the future.  Also,  since our immune system doesn't get to train up , and being a 'soldier' in nature, our immune system will tend to attack non- threatening substances like pollen , certain food substance etc - leading allergy and histamine.  So the idea is to nourish our immune system well with the right food as its much much more powerful than any medication.  At the same time, give our immune system a chance to train up.

The intestines in our bodies got a lot of good bacteria and bad bacteria, and the strains of bacteria in one person may be different in another person in terms of the types, the quantity, the balance. In taking probiotics, we may upset the types, quantity and balance of the strains of bacteria. And, we do not know how this will affect adversely the body. And so it be better for the body to produce their own bacteria than consume from outside source (which may only be 2-3 strains of the numerous strains in the intestine).
We do not only get the cholesterol from the food we eat, the main part of our cholesterol is produced by our liver.   Cholesterol is important for our body, it helps to make some hormones, build cell walls, etc. Cholesterol (LDL) produce by our liver is transported from liver to various parts/organs of our body. However, if there's too much LDL, more than what required by the body parts/organs, the LDL be deposited in our blood stream, and as this LDL accumulate it may clog the blood vessels.  HDL cholesterol remove LDL from blood vessels and carry back to the liver.  This is only one of the 500 functions of liver. Liver is one of the most neglected organs, but we really got to nourish it.

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