Sunday 23 June 2013

Zachary had fever from the haze

Zachary started sneezing on Thursday night and coughing during sleep.   From friday, I started giving 3 oseed per meal instead of 1 and continued with nutrifresh and oxyginberry for his morning milk. Friday night he became feverish. I started giving him millennium till sunday midnight.  total 7 millennium in all. His fever for the whole of Saturday was 38 and shot to 39.1 on Saturday night when he slept.  hubby forced me to give paracetamol as Zachary was a bit trembling. but I insisted not to and gave him the last millennium.And I searched this to support what I learnt fr Dr  Chen Jau-Fei.
I continued to monitor him almost hourly during the night and his fever gradually went down.  This morning his temperature dropped to 37.4!!!

In the midst,  I give alyssa 3 oseed per meal too and extra orchestra on top of her daily nutrifresh and oxyginberries.

I m glad I pressed on.

I hope the haze will be over soon.

Don't be deceive by the clear sky.  The concentration of the particles in the air is still high.

Take care folks!

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Thank you and best regards
Anlinna Lim

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