Sunday 16 June 2013

What is Nutritional Immunology?

Nutritional Immunology is a relatively new science pioneered by E. Excels founder, Dr Jau-Fei Chen. It studies the close relationship between nutrition and the immune system. Dr Jau-Fei Chens research shows that consuming healthy foods strengthens the immune system; a strong immune system can defend us from most illnesses. Nutritional Immunology emphasizes consuming natural, wholesome foods for good health and does not endorse consuming chemically processed foods. This science surpasses the study of basic nutrients essential for survival such as vitamins and proteins. Instead, Nutritional Immunology researches on how antioxidants, phytochemicals and polysaccharides etc help boost the immune system.
Nutritional Immunology emphasizes prevention over cure. It could be too late to search for a cure after we fall sick. Diseases can be better prevented if we provide our immune system with proper nourishment daily.

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