Wednesday 11 October 2023

Anti Fragile Lifestyle

Building an antifragile lifestyle involves making intentional choices and adopting certain practices that help you not only withstand adversity but thrive in the face of it.

Life can become fragile due to a variety of events and circumstances. Fragility refers to a state of vulnerability, where one is more susceptible to adverse outcomes. Here are some events and factors that can contribute to life becoming fragile.

Financial Crisis
Health Crises
Natural Disasters
Relationship Breakdown
Death of a Loved One
Job Loss
Market Volatility
Poor Health Habits
Inadequate Emergency Preparedness

To reduce fragility in your life, it's essential to plan for these potential events, build resilience, and have a safety net in place, such as health prevention, savings, insurance, and a support network etc.

Control what we can control.

Preparing for unforeseen challenges can help you navigate life's uncertainties more effectively.

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