Monday 10 April 2023

Schooling vs Education

How much do you understand about Schooling and Education?

This afternoon, i was chatting with a business owner friend.  We were talking about leadership and personal development.

How many people really set aside fund for education?  
I have went to google to find and found that most of the charts do not allocate education fund segment in the chart!
            Credit: Fulton Bank

What is schooling?  What is education?

Are school going kids enjoying acquire new knowledge for self actualisation or for certification?

Are YOU, adult, still, acquiring knowledge for the betterment of your Health, Wealth and  Happiness?

Are you still passing down this myth to your children on studying hard, get good grades and you will get to an established company and you will get a handsome sum of income?   
Please do not tell your children this anymore if you have read my article so far.  
Money comes by your ability to solve people's problems.  

Constant self education increases your knowledge and ability to solve bigger and more complex challenges. 

Rem to set aside fund for self education.  It is 1 of your greatest wealth!
I never like going to school and taking an exam.  I started to develop an interest in learning after i became a coach.  It taught me to be
1. Professional in my work
2. Responsible to my team, family and my future
3. Purposeful, to lead a purposeful life in my remaining years

I have been attending a platform for self development to achieve a higher self.  If you enjoy constant  learning, join me!

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