Thursday 13 May 2021

How to steam purple potato chiffon cake

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 Using Thermomix.
Anlinna's recipe

Steam purple Potato with healthy E Excel Macadamia nut cooking oil.
10 eggs (65gm nett)
220gm sugar
40gm E Excel Macadamia nut cooking oil
5gm Vanilla extract
165gm top flour (plain flour)
55gm coconut flour

1. Eggs and sugar
Blend 1.5min / Sp10

2. Insert butterfly whisk
Blend 18min / 37 degree / Sp3,5

3. Add in vanilla extract and oil
60s / Sp1.5, add in all flour through the measuring cup hold and mix well.

4. Remove butterfly whisk, pour batter into a 7 inch cake tin.
Tap on the table 3 times to remove air bubbles in the batter.
cover with cling wrap

5.  Prepare 1000ml hot water into mixing bowl, stack varoma unit in position to steam.
50min / varoma / Sp1.5

6. Remove cling wrap, turn the tin upside down.  Remove cake after cool off.

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