Wednesday 12 August 2020

Why i encourage Christian (anyone) to go vegetarian or vegan

Received my Bible Study Fellowship study booklet today from my Bible Study leader.

I'm thrilled to start my journey waking with God and learning his Words again after a long 2 over months break!

I always been challenged with this question when i share Nutritional Immunology with people around me especially with Christians.

Did God created us, Christian, to be vegetarian or vegan?

These 2 write up support my belief.  I'm not a vegetarian or vegan but I adopting a more plant base diet for myself and family base on my understanding, belief, faith, environment and health reason.

I encourage everyone to adopt a more plant base diet too to stay healthy to fulfil God's Will for us and save the Earth.  Stay healthier when you are healthy.

Make an appointment with me how YOU can lead a healthier way of life.

Journey with me and lead a Nutritional Immunology Lifestyle to be healthier, happier and free from diseases and cancers.

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