Saturday 9 May 2020

Dedicate to all Mothers (Fathers too)

Blessed Mother's Day!

Mothers are great Leaders at home.  They play a big part in their children's life.  What Mothers do, impact the upbringing of the children.

I would like to share an article i read, "Mothers are Leaders. So Mothers must tell stories."
What stories are you telling your children?  
What stories can you tell?  
Who are the inspiring characters you want them to learn from?  
When should you start telling them stories?

Stories should be inspiring, instill characters and values to a child's life. Stories that they will remember and becomes a great memories of their childhood.

Is your life an inspiring story for your children?  
If not, starts to love yourself.  Invest time to grow yourself and find your purpose in life, live to the fullest and leave a legacy.  Your life is your own.  Your children will grow up and i believe you want them to be independent and resilient.  You are your child's role model.  You are their best characters in the stories.  You are their inspiration.  Start young, start now.

I hope all parents start to share their own inspiring stories to their children and leave a great memories and legacy.

Comment below to share with us what great stories have you shared with them.
Sharing is Caring!

Thank you and best regards
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