Thursday 5 March 2020

Elijah vomited 4 times and experienced bad diaper rash

2 March 2020 (Mon) ~11am
1st vomit
Elijah vomited his latched on breast milk outside the room door when my Mother In Law (MIL) wanted to carry him to the garden.  I had to quick shower him while my guest waited for me.

2nd vomit
After bath, my MIL brought him downstairs for a walk.  She came back shortly and told me Elijah vomited again and on her clothes.  He looked pale.  I quickly showered him again.

3rd time
We put him in the playpen and he looked restless.  My MIL settled him to nap and he woke up within 30min crying.  I went into the room, he seem to vomit again and i checked his pillow.  Indeed it was a bit wet and i carried him out.  I let him stand and he vomit some liquid on the floor.  I quick shower him, again.

4th time
Elijah seemed very tired and uncomfortable so my MIL cuddled him.  He slipped in and out of sleep.  My MIL managed to feed him some water.  She excitedly told me she manage to feed him some water and shortly, he vomited all the water on the sofa....4th time.

All in all, 4 vomits in 3 hours. I applied Gwei Hua Balm for him on his tummy to relieve him from any discomfort caused by the vomitting.

My guest left at 2pm.
I managed to feed him some Rosytime, packed full of high antioxidants and phytochemicals nutrients from wholesome cactus fruit, acelora cherry, rose and cranberry without chemicals and preservatives) and I carried him on baby carrier hoping he can have a good rest.

He napped from 2 to 330pm and look happy!  Fed him his afternoon milk Soypro, packed full of protein, fibre and nutrients from wholesome freeze drying / spray mist drying soy and ginseng.

3 March 2020 (Tue) 
Morning when Elijah woke up, i found that he could have poo at midnight and poo was unusual.  Not paste but a little watery and blackish green.  As a result of not detecting his poo and left till morning, he developed bad diaper rash.  I applied lots of Rose cream.

He poo another 2x on tue and similar texture.  Elijah was feverish on tue too.  As usual, he always drink Rosytime after his morning fruit and 100ml Soypro in the afternoon.  I gave him extra servings of Rosytime on tue and wed.

Today and yesterday he was behaving normally and i saw drastic improvement on his butt!  See 4th March 2020 picture, the 2 patches of redness, they were very sore on 3 March 2020 when i wash his butt.  He was screaming away.

Thanks to the science of Nutritional Immunology!
I learnt to safeguard my family health through a healthier way of life and be a wiser consumer.

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