Monday 21 August 2017

What did i learn from my gardening experience?

I found this pool of ants hiding there after the sudden thunderstorm yesterday afternoon.

What's your reaction?
I freaked out but I manage to clean up and tell myself hey this a garden! That same morning, i was admiring my sawtooth coriander with the netpot in my hand, i shrieked and immediately put back the netport into my Aerospring.  Guess what, i found a middle size lizard curling and resting inside the pot!!!  My garden must be delicious and natural to attract ants, bees and even lizard are coming.  My hubby is not happy that due to my gardening, i brought in so many ants and pests into the balcony...

I started gardening as my hobby in Dec 2016 because my career as a Healthy Fast Food Excellence Lifestyle Coach has transformed me to lead a healthier way of life and to take more wholesome plant, fruits and vegetables diet.  Along the way, i tried 3 tomatoes plants, mints, egg plants and these did not survived and i had to deal with spider mites and mealy bugs and manual pollinating the cucumbers on some mornings. No way that there is no pests in the garden. A healthy garden will surely have some pests. Then it is call garden and then you will truly appreciate the fruits bore by the plants you have TLC them.

Through gardening, i learnt the following.
1. We can choose to react differently to circumstances to achieve a different result
2. We need the pests (bad guys) to create a healthier environment for the plant (ourselves) to grow stronger
3. When we overcome challenges, we learn to manage situation better
4. I choose to create life than to let life knock me out (and give up)
5. I embrace challenges and allow myself time to grow
6. Anything in life, it never start with easy step.  Look at babies, they are so determined to get the things they want from us and to stand up to walk even when they constantly fall down!  Hello, please learn from babies ya.  They are very successful in it therefore they can walk and run. 
7. Once foundation is strong, things get smoother ahead.  Look at us, we can walk and run because we were once determined to start crawling and stand  so that we will not be restricted to just that comfort zone.
8. I learn that if i never tried gardening (anything from your persuing your passion to embarking on a new venture), i never know i can create a beautiful garden and healthier lifestyle for my family.
9. Believe i (you too!) can do it
10. Just do it!!!

To some people, they might give up their interests / dreams / life etc, but i didn't.  In this case, i bought another hydroponic system, planted my favourite sunflower on soil and another pot of melon plant.  Looking forward to plant pandan and other edible plants for my family.

Key question, why can i be so positive???
This is all about MINDSET.  We can condition our brain to react differently from our usual thoughts to create different result.

As i trained my mind to react differently, look at my fruit of success below from my garden.  Similarly, in our career, life, marriage, friendship and parenting etc, we can create the result we want by conditioning our MINDSET and be reminded of the pointers i mentioned above.  

 I love my garden!

Gardening - It's cheaper than therapy and you get tomatoes.

 My overgrown chili plant which attracts ants.  Look closely, there abundant of chili ready to be harvest in a week time.

 Golden red chili, on the way to be harvest soon.  It is beautiful, isnt it?

 Pretty red.  My mum and helper cant wait to harvest it to make sambal chili.

Do you know what is this?  It is sawtooth coriander.  The leaves around the flowers, hmm which are also green colour unlike those flowers you thought, are pretty sharp as what the name goes.  Hope to harvest the seeds and replant it.

 I have 3 resident bees for now.  This is one of it. Look clearly, it had collected pretty much of pollen on its leg in a tiny yellow ball.
 Look at my huge cucumber!!!

This was 1 batch of my harvest from 1 hydroponic system.

Through conditioning our brain, i have led a much successful life and career than before.
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