Friday 14 October 2016

Jack ma, next booming industry is Health!!! Are you ready?

Health food should give you health benefit, free from chemicals and preservatives.
There are many supplements out there which can give you good result but is it safe?
Just this week, some friends shared with me they take this and that company health supplement but ended to have preservatives.

Some would tell me, not safe then why is it in the market?  Let's think, is cigarette safe?  Why is it selling?  This is country economy.

Few days ago, a friend of mine told me that her ex bf suffered stroke at 20 odd nearly 20 years ago   What is the alarm?  Due to modern society, our unhealthy lifestyle and diet has caused a toil in our health.

Many people know the important of health and take up supplement and unfortunately some take up supplement that give fast and good result and safety is secondary. 

Be a wiser consumer. Be responsible of your own health.

Choose fruits and vegetables using freeze dried method to nourish your health.  With the right food and a business system, you will achieve freedom of health, time and wealth freedom. 

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