Monday 18 April 2016

First Kidzania experience in Singapore

I think this will be 1 of my longest post!

I have been waiting for it to arrive Singapore since 4 years ago and it is finally here. It officially open on 12 April 2016.  So coincidentally all Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan related schools were closed for sports day on 15 April 2016 (Friday), we decided to bring the kids to explore the long awaited adventure.

Daddy and Alyssa were discussing on which stations to go to the next day. There are 40 stations in all.

The children were so excited that they woke up before 8am on Friday. We managed to reach before 10am. Queue started about 930am. There was crowd but not very crowded.

After gotten our tickets, we headed to the bank to deposit their Kidzos (Kidzania money) which later I think it was not necessary.

Next, we went to apply their pazzports. If you plan to go back again, I strongly advise you to apply and the pazzport will last till the child turn 17.  The kids get to collect stamps as well as enjoying 2 Kidzos more for earning at stations which require them to "work" and pay 2 Kidzos lesser for spending at stations such as pizza Hut, paddle pop and KFC etc.

We bought these lanyards at the gift shop which fit their pazzports nicely.  It will be convenient for the kids to learn to manage their stamps and Kidzos.

We didn't go according to plan.  The first station that we planned to go was aviation however the queue was more than an hour.  We decided to go back later part of the day and just go for stations which had the shortest queue around us.

These were the stations that we went.
Police earn 10
Hospital surgeon earn 10
Ba kwa earn 8
Pizza pay 10
Paddle pop pay 10
Firemen earn 8
May bank earn 10
Courier earn 6
Sticky sweet pay 10
KFC pay 10
Acting academy earn 10
Aviation earn 10
12 stations out of 40 stations completed in 10 hours!
For activities such as surgeon at Mount E hospital and pilot at Qatar, parents are not allow access.  Good time for parents to grab a bit!  I would advise the ideal age to go is from 4 years old as most activities starts from that age.

Their meal times were fitted in quite nicely.  12pm we brought them to pizza Hut to queue and did their pizza lunch. After we grabbed their pizza, we headed straight to paddle pop. They ate their pizza while queuing to make their desserts, ice cream. Dinner was KFC burger making at abt 5pm. While queuing, we bought them whipped potatoes to fill their stomach. As there was a slight delay at KFC, we had to rushed to the Acting Academy for 615pm rehearsal which we registered at 4pm and they had their burger after the last station at 8pm while we picked the pictures.

Here are some of the photos.

                         Our wrist bands                                    Depositing Kidzos at the bank.                                
 Applying their pazzports.

 Happy with their pazzports and here we went!  

 1st station, Police Station!

 Officers at work.  There are i think 3 or more different activities under the Police Station according to my observation. They did 1 of them.

 These are the Kidzos.

 Station 2, Mount E Hospital to be surgeon.  There is also nanny position available but the kid has to queue again.  No entry for parents.

Every hour there is Tower Clock performance by the kids which they can earn Kidzos too.  Our kids didn't go for this.  Will try next time.

 3rd station is BBQing Ba Kwa!  Zachary thought he can bbq and have the Ba Kwa but was disappointed that it was for show only. :(

 4th station, Pizza Hut!

 Busy folding boxes.

So excited to collect their pizza they made!

 They could not wait to have a bit!  Look at Zachary's pizza, all ready to gobble. :p
They ate while queuing for station 5.

 Station 5, Paddle Pop!  Ice cream desserts after pizza.  Heavenly for them.

 Can't wait to eat their hand made ice cream.

 Station 6, Fire station.

                                       On the fire engine.                  Zachary putting out fire!!!
 Alyssa putting out fire!!!

 7th station, Maybank.

                                                                                     3 stops to go to deliver the money bags.
       3rd day of opening and the wheel came out!         Please sign after collection, thank you!

 At about 4pm, we registered them for 615pm rehearsal and performance at 645pm.  Parents do take note to register your child early if they are interested in this station.  It was our children favorite station for the day!

 8th station, courier service!

Now delivery to the Maybank.  This officer said they changed job and were back again! :p

 9th station, Sticky sweet station.

 They did not really do the candies.  They simply chopped the sweet from a short roll and packed into their bags.
 While they were chopping, parents can help themselves to the candies outside the room. :)

 Decorating the display for "sale"!

Happy with their candies! :D

10th station at KFC doing burger for dinner!

Happy with their burgers!

11th station, watching movie with our kids as actor and actress at Acting Academy!


 Last station was the being a pilot at the aviation station which we didnt manage to capture any photo.  

 Having their KFC burger for dinner at 8pm while we were choosing photos.

 We ended our long day of 10 hours 12 stations completed with some more photos.

We got the package of 15 digital photos at $60 at the end.  These are the best 15 that we picked.



1 thing i wish Kidzania can improve on is having a regular photographer at each station or every 2 stations. They only captured 5 stations out of the 12 stations that my kids went and the last 5 we had no choice but to choose the MTNT series which quality wasn't fantastic.

Before we went I thought the pricing per kid is atrociously high. At the end we thought it is reasonable but can be lower and I don't understand why parents got to pay $35 each and at such a high price when we can do nothing.  $58 per child including entrance and their "lunch & dinner with dessert" consider a bit reasonable.

They love the Acting academy most. There are many activities that they wanted to do but can't cover in a day.  We will surely go back again.  I think it takes 4 full days to complete all the stations.  Our kids had so much fun and mummy and the kids are definitely looking forward to it!  I am not sure about daddy as he footed the bill! :D

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Our next destination will be in BKK this June! Stay tune!

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