Wednesday 16 March 2016

Long scar from falling off the bus

I feel so blessed to receive this from a team matemate regarding the recovery of one of her customers.

I would like to share with you, the amazing work our immune system function with the right nourishment .

This friend actually had a fall during a bus ride. Pls be careful.

This reminds me of my 2 cesarean that I went through.  Exactly the same!  I developed keloid from my cesarean. Sacrifice of a mum 😁

I m glad I found nutritional immunology 2.5 years after delivering Zachary.  It seems too late to get ride of the keloid.

However through the wisdom of nutritional immunology my keloid has tremendously improve over the months.

Do you want to know how the science of Nutritional immunology can enhance your health?  Do you have burning desire to improve your scar and complexion?

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